The Mexican Chamber of the Tequila Industry (CNIT) is the oldest institution of the Tequila Industry to which associated companies freely and voluntarily join to work hand in hand for Tequila, Mexico’s heritage.

Its objective is to represent, promote and defend the common interests of its associates, proposing and carrying out actions that satisfy their needs and expectations to strengthen the prestige and image of the Tequila Industry in general and of Tequila in particular.


The Mexican Chamber of the Tequila Industry offers its members valuable actions and services that strengthen the production chain and generate business opportunities, increasing its competitiveness in national and international markets.



  • Market intelligence and analysis, databases specializing in alcoholic beverages.
  • Guidance and management for participation in national and international exhibitions and fairs.
  • Liaison, advice and information on environmental, legal, regulatory and fiscal issues, as well as on Tequila exports.
  • Benefits through agreements with universities, hotels, insurance companies, clinical laboratories, etc.
  • Training in technical and strategic topics of interest to the Industry.

 fter the efforts made by the Mexican Chamber of the Tequila Industry to achieve recognition of the spirit in the Official Journal of the Mexican Federation; on May 29th, 2018, it was declared that every third Saturday of March, Mexico will celebrate its National Tequila Day.

 he Tequila Chamber initiative arose with the aim of recognizing the importance of Tequila in our country, seeking to encourage, strengthen and promote Tequila in Mexico. The publication that commemorates this important day for the Tequila Industry was the result of a close collaboration between tequila producers and various organizations, authorities and Mexican society.

Within the framework of Mexico’s National Tequila Day, as the Tequila Industry we carry out activities of knowledge, education, promotion and positioning of Tequila through various experiences, always promoting responsible consumption; with the aim that more people can enjoy a quality spirit that offers extraordinary versatility to those who taste it.

Tequila Industry Merit Recognition Program

Its main function is to promote Tequila nationally and internationally, through a specific recognition granted to persons who have distinguished themselves by making Tequila known in Mexico and in the world, and who have the knowledge and experience to do so in order to continue this work within an institutional framework with well defined rules and criteria.


It is granted to people who, although they do not belong to the industry, have taken steps in favor of the protection of the Tequila’s Appellation of Origin or have contributed in a notable way to the development and strengthening of the industry.


He is a person who knows the main aspects of agave and Tequila, but his area of expertise can be very varied, as a historian, academic, scientist, bartender, restaurant owner, etc. He must have a minimum of 10 years of experience working directly in the Tequila Industry and influence it internally and externally.


It is a person, who has knowledge in the process of elaboration of Tequila and who is also capable of carrying out a sensory evaluation of it, privately or in a public presentation. He must have a minimum of 10 years of experience working directly in the Tequila Industry and influence it internally and externally.


He is an influential person within the Tequila Industry, with a family tradition in the sector and who has stood out for his work in benefit of the industry, he is a dean,
founder, a character who has transcended in the sector.

For more information contact Aline Morán.

Socially Responsible Industry

From the Mexican Chamber of the Tequila Industry, we promote social responsibility standards. particularly responsible consumption, as well as quality of life in the company, ethics, relationship with the community, care and preservation of the environment; culture that we share with each of our partners.

In 2019, the CNIT received the distinction as a Promoter of Social Responsibility, granted by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, AC, (Cemefi) and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility for Mexico (AliaRSE).

The Tequila Industry is committed to the responsibility in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. As an industry, we seek that consumers appreciate and taste Tequila, that they drink in terms of quality, not volume, and acquire habits of moderation.

For this reason, the Mexican Chamber of the Tequila Industry:

  • Creates awareness workshops to the tequila sector, universities and the general public, warning about the risks of harmful use of alcohol and promoting moderation.
  • Trains restaurant industry at consumption centers on responsible service and collection and recycling issues.
  • Promotes the certification of Tequila producers in matters of responsibility.

The CNIT also acts as an executor Foundation for Social Research AC (FISAC). https://alcoholinformate.org.mx/